Kikus the miniature Lemur


Kikus the miniature Lemur – New Product from Baby Opera

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Kikus the miniature Lemur


-        Sleep Time Compositions

-        Lullabies that help your child fall asleep and aid early development

-        Recorded in the natural 432Hz frequency


G. F. Haendel – Hallelujah


J. S. Bach - Concerto in C minor


J. Haydn – The Surprise Symphony


G. B. Pergolesi - Serpina's aria from the opera La Serva Padrona


W. A. Mozart - Cherub's aria from the opera The Marriage of Figaro


S. Moniuszko – Prząśniczka (The Spinners’ Song)




W. A. Mozart - Turkish March


G. Rossini - Cats


L. Arditi - Parla


S. Moniuszko - Krakowiaczek


F. Schubert - Musical Moment


F. Chopin - Polonaise in A major




V. Di Chiara - La spagnola


L. Denza - Funikuli funikula


J. Strauss - Adele's aria from the operetta Revenge of the Bat


G. Puccini - Lauretta's aria from the opera Gianni Schicchi


I. J. Paderewski - Menuet


M. Ravel - Bolero



A Baby Opera toy created and sung by Justyna Reczeniedi D.M.A. - a Polish opera singer and mother of a three year old

Height - 26 cm

Packed in its original box with operating instructions and other important information

Sewed by hand in Poland from certified materials (77% polyester, 23% cotton): “Safe for Babies”, OEKO-TEX, Reach.

Sound module has the following certifications: EMC, ROHS, EN-71, CE.

Anti-allergic plush stuffing

Comes complete with batteries ( 3 x AAA)


CALMS - the singing voice helps to contribute to a baby’s harmonious well-being and reduce stress levels;

HELP WITH SLEEP - the soothing sounds of well-loved songs provide a lullaby effect;

AIDS DEVELOPMENT - by stimulating the baby’s imagination and memory;

TEACHES - - by helping develop a baby’s ability to concentrate and listen;

ENTERTAINS - by creating a magical atmosphere.


Recommended by doctors, psychologists and therapists!


Media patrons:



Presto quarterly. Music Film Art.

Radio Dla Ciebie


Length of musical compositions: 21 minutes

Contrasting colours to stimulate visual development

Positive opinion from the Polish Mother-Child Institute


Makes a great present!