The quality of the music that our children will hear up to their 5th birthday will have a positive affect on the rest of their lives.

The Baby Opera singing toys help stimulate the development of 0+ babies and toddlers.

100% satisfaction for the child and for parents!

Baby Opera toys include the most beautiful themes of classical music, specially selected for the needs of toddlers with the aim of aiding their intellectual and emotional development.

Baby Opera toys also include professional vocals sung by a doctor of musical arts who is also the  mother of a 3-year-old, and have been designed to help children with their early development.

The classical music in Baby Opera toys:

- helps with the development of a child’s cognitive abilities, emotional sphere and imagination,

- helps support creativity and mental development,

- helps to activate, inspire and shape personality during the fetal period (!)

- helps stimulate the formation of cells and nerve connections in the child's brain,

- helps to stimulate a child's sensory, intellectual and emotional development, 

- helps parents with the process of raising their child by positively affecting the child’s ability to concentrate, learn and memorize faster, as well as by aiding balance and spatial orientation,

- helps stimulate mind and body activity, can also stimulate movement, encourage "dancing" (crawling and standing),

- helps a child to fall asleep, eat food, gain weight properly, establish relationships with the surrounding environment,

- helps accelerate recovery, normalization of muscle tone, and has a general calming effect, 

- helps provide a sense of pleasure, improves the mood of both children and adults.

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Baby Opera Animals - limited edition – with high quality sound and contrasting colours. Volume control!

Polish product – all toys are made in Poland from safe, certified materials!

A child-friendly product that is also parent friendly and environmentally friendly.

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